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Chilling in the Mist Rock Campaign - Castle Burn

Chilling in the Mist Rock Campaign - Castle Burn make me happy and subscribe :)

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been touted as a Miss draw campaign I'm gonna be a little quieter today as I usually a.m. on Sundays I just wanna say I'm sorry for a lot of individually but some of my videos aren't as good as other videos yeah I problem like I probably should got a heartbeat there and all honestly so the cards have been getting are absolute garbage I really do not know what to do about it like I don't know what I picked Griffin Ryder sure alright we get a Lich but now I don't have any heal spell so it's like what am I gonna do with that I'm not to do about that you know like how am I supposed to get a good time with those guards you gotta have Lich in a hill or you're gonna have dragons yeah and the heel is very important I don't know I just don't see how you can make it I missed missed rocking it I tried playing mr. out campaign with summer ham and oh my god guys it's so difficult to freakin I don't even know what to say it's like difficult I don't know it as I am it's difficult to successfully defend everything when oh my god what am I trying to say Pacifica to defend everything when you don't have like a Ledge or anything so

it's kind of it's really nice actually after I kill this little bit apart in return I turn alright how I'm gonna deal with these oh my god okay do here I'm gonna do my ability I do some witches in the back line I just like this and then we are probably gonna return here let's return and then we'll get some different lighters actually there Griffin writers out I don't be taken down by that that individual over there hopefully early pines can get in the mix gonna bring out our groove oh all right just like this hopefully our lupines putting some work right now come on lupines please kill these departures right now thank you all right thank you didn't I appreciate all that I'm gonna take out my groove oh I'm a usability here and then I'm gonna be able to kill all these people just like that I'm gonna start to get my Lich's again just like this I'm gonna turn I'm gonna get a lupine in the back just like this and I'll get my witches up again try and protect my witches with these shield mouths right here oh my god it's a lot of freaking uh I know you call

those attacker deeds oh my god it's not good okay you got to get our groove up here one groove in the action just like this and we are going to do the visibility right on the back line just like this and then we're gonna try and get a first and I think right here actually now we'll save ours and I don't need to do my earthen we got or we got our Lich's coming in see if we can kill this person here without dying yeah go turn off get all that mana back right here right now okay now he's got that individual yeah okay I'm gonna cancel this try and save my man in here oh god get has a problem trying to get my groove on front please try and kill all those people before you die thank you please please please attorneys return please well faster than the dragon thank you sir thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you okay we're gonna go here and play some witches stun everything in that it's so good come up here get more lunches down as many as you can right here hopefully we can take out a lot of these people we're on turn Roque get a lupine in there cancel let's go a loop on all

right hopefully my row will tank for everyone here alright and hopefully I can get our turn offs to get all this man it back please please please return actually I want to kill us turn I'm gonna get all this mana back alright that's pretty good here it comes with sources and I'm not show sorceress but get my groove out get more which is out right here if she'll nice absorb the damage and my mileages should be able to take out all those people and then the frost makers are going to attack that she'll myse'f all my bitches built camp right now on everybody else just like that advance of the problem as minotaurs return these minotaurs hopefully walk in front they're not going to though minotaurs are a slight problem here oh my god not so bad that's so bad please save me all this man please save me I still have oh my god those minotaurs were insane sane man here we go get more leeches back in the battlefield right now oh no it was slight problem not right now all right slight problem you're having a slight situation right here slight situation right now you need our earth and range

right oh my god you get a lupine in here come on save us lutein lutein save us please save us look me oh my god no okay that's gg well I don't know that was interesting definitely not worth anything six in the world right now but that's not good I just want to see what my will get me [Music] I don't know what to pick here this could be a good one absolute garbage absolute garbage no well I'm not going to be able play this so you have to surrender to pick my last card anyway I'm gonna depart here now Thanks two seconds I'm still 170th okay I'm not actually gonna pick the last card I just want to see what we get you know this is looking for oh my god why is this so bad why can't you get dragons in anything oh my god anyway thank you all so much for watching I hope you have a nice day I really like the video if you enjoyed have some rank and feel tomorrow peace out y'all love you and a fantastic rest day

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