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dear Helen Clark dear Helen Clark dear

Helen Clark dear Alan Clarke we want to speak to you about something that affects everyone in New Zealand in fact the issue that concerns us has become a worldwide campaign with people protesting all over the planet did you know mobile phone technology has not undergone any long-term product safety testing did you know the accumulative effect of multiple sources of wireless radiation is still not yet known but early scientific evidence is increasingly pointing to it being dangerous to the health did you know that there are thousands and thousands of reports from scientists and academics that indicate that cell towers can be extremely hazardous to your health possible health effects include cancer leukemia chronic exhaustion cell damage nausea nosebleeds headaches and more did you know children are likely to be far more vulnerable to the effects of phone masts because their skulls and bodies are not yet fully formed studies have shown they absorb more radiation than turn down when using mobile phone for example

elecom is trying to put up a 22-metre tower in my neighborhood we've delayed it with protests but we cannot stop it not even the council can stop it we talked to the council and this is what they said we do certain law down given water computer to talk to a calm on this particular piece of land requiring authority as it higher up intriguing the council so they essentially operate outside of our planning processes this is because telephone companies have inherited powers from the days when they were run by the government they have retained the rights without accepting the responsibilities did you know the radiation standards that the New Zealand government users are very dated in a based on thermal measurements not biological ones this means your organs literally have to cook before radiation levels are considered unsafe but biological measurements have been tested extensively in trials around the world by very credible scientists and research bodies and they show the health hazards are very real and very measurable only not on a scale used by the government a using a microphone

to record a sunset it just doesn't make sense did you know New Zealand CSIS standards based on the World Health Organization guidelines but those standards are written by people who have worked for the telecommunications industry how can this be fear surely this is a dangerous conflict of interest did you know other countries make huge amounts of money from the sale and construction of phone masts and Britain alone the government made 22 billion pounds from the sale of permits for new phone masts did you know telecommunications companies are second only to oil companies as the richest corporations on the planet did you know many other countries even China has much stricter controls and we do here are just some of the countries that have safer levels of emissions than New Zealand Taiwan Austria China Australia Israel Sweden Italy Russian wetland did you know the safe emission levels of other countries are from 100 to 4500 times lower than New Zealand's did you know phone companies can't afford to acknowledge that their products may cause harm as this would open them to multimillion-dollar

lawsuits did you know at this moment there is nothing you can do to stop a powerful phone last that emits unknown and save evils of radiation being put up right next to your house over your children's bedrooms and you're strange did you know things are getting worse for every day New Zealanders when it comes to being protected from big business interests the National Environment standards proposed in February this year minute from late two thousand eight communities and citizens will have no legal right whatsoever to even have a say as to where new telecommunications equipment is put did you know not only other tales ugly but real estate agency their property prices can go down by anything from five to twenty percent in areas with new phone masters in some countries like the UK house prices have dropped fifty percent where the phone months goes up nearby people are starting to wake up to the situation and we're getting angry we're finally realizing that the real issues have been very under a lot of technical smoke screens insider politics and a love of prophet and business over

did you know many insurance companies are already refusing to cover health effects from cell phone towers they recognized the huge risks yet our government is prepared to take a gamble our of the law doesn't require corporations to protect public interests their main focus is profit for the shareholders we elected you to protect our people and our land dear Helen Clark for humans not consumers our health is more important than any product or service are you listening who will protect citizens and communities if it's not the government dear Helen Clark if you don't know all this why aren't you doing something to help us to protect our lives our children and our homes from big business agendas if you don't know why not we ask you please take a stand for New Zealand let us leave the world put our people before big business dear Helen Clark dear Helen cloud dear Helen Clark change the laws change the laws change the laws change the laws protect our children at the very least change the laws protect our children at the very least change the laws protect our children at the very least please help us you're our

only hope you are you listening you you

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