07 April 2018 - Glamping with the Ghi's

Castaways RV Resort

hey Jimmy G here triggy thank you for

tuning in to glamping with the gi's we are we're we're castaways castaways Resort and campground how was reading the paper she had right here in Ocean City Maryland we're here during the offseason why because we can and we're going to go ahead and take a look at things around take some pictures and get back with you and tell you what we think give you our take one our experience see if you [Music] everybody Jimmy G here thank you for tuning in and clamping with G's are getting real roll out of here castaways what is the castaways RV Resort and read no no paper and campground yeah we've been here yeah it's uh it's been about 10 degrees colder than it normally is this time of year in the ocean city Berlin Maryland area but a bad day the beach better good Network no t-shirts and starts right now yeah really right so what do we got we have check in at 11:00 a.m. on there's an information center right in front that's where you'll check in to get you so check-ins at 11:00 a.m. check out it's 2 p.m. now they have cottages it's what they defined this

cottages third check out their check-in is 11 o'clock and their checkout is at 3 o'clock they also have three three cottages that can accommodate wheelchairs with that being said um definitely definitely call especially by the cottages because the prices can vary either way they are pet friendly um no smoking obviously but I would definitely call or get on to the website because that stuff always always chase remember that they do have a an overflow site electric-only and it could have a kid accommodate six now that's all car sees or any of them any anyway yeah ABC they can get in there there's a total of 268 on sites for my understanding we all are thirty fifty yeah 30 and 50 yeah there I there so you really don't have a problem getting in if you need the 50 M like we do yeah the speed limit it's $5 per hour for hours this is a $5 yeah five miles well I'll take $5 for everybody goes five miles yeah knowing that in that note I've noticed like the white when we got in here last week everything's pretty much closed down and this is the big weekend it's Easter weekend already saw some

people rolling in here last night but I think that the first people that need to observe the 5 mile per hour speed limit is the guy that drives a shell bus because he was definitely doing more than 5 miles an hour and I didn't have my acne radar gun with me so but you know I've seen how he's doing we're 5 miles an hour and then there's other people driving through here five miles now there's a lot of kids running around here there will be yeah there was yesterday I just run out in the street take out the little electric cars and stuff like this if you come here you got to be really super careful just a name camera and I would just ask as far as I guess they're done by yeah I would ask if that's a particular site you see on the map I would ask if there was a lot of children or not a lot so because we try to say sorry for the children are I mean during during peak season they have the pool with you do get Wi-Fi and you do get cable they also offer and when you check in they'll give you this sheet of the activities for the month the day we got in he's a little upset because it was drinking paint your own mind glass we got here late and you really really

wanted to do that so they do have some attractions for the adults also they as far as attractions go there's Ocean City the boardwalk typical boardwalk they have downtown Berlin mm-hmm very nice it's quaint it's nice and that's ten where you your local yeah your local food it's been great it's really been great I mean we had pizza wall to goes was at downtown Ocean City but the place Wheaton Berliners called what rains reading yeah rains reef we got a chicken filly down there cheese chicken village she's chick affiliate it was it was very good rains breathe RA Y any like an Old Town soda fountain yeah yeah and historical knew about Berlin that's where the movie runaway bride was filmed if you're familiar that Richard Gere and Julia Roberts rename the town and stuff like actress pictures and a soda fountain of those to tell so dad then really the only I don't want to say only because it sounds like it's very small but we had to goes Pizza which was excellent they accommodated my allergies which was great a medium a medium his breadsticks and a breadstick like mine you can get breadsticks that can

feed a small village yeah they look like they were great but they were huge your typical stuff out there like sweet roses on the wall purple mooses wonderful would walk been there since the late 18-hundreds yeah Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's and Burger King so all that stuff's pretty typical the sights do come with a picnic table on the fire ring for me that's always nice I like that he puts them up better than he starts in the fires but he does well so with that said what about Assateague that's the tea guy on the horses there go yeah Assateague Island it's a National Historic Park National Park they do have camping there we didn't camp there but they have camping there and that's where they have some wild horses that are there and I was curious about how the horses got there and way back when before any of us were born they figured out the colonists figured out that the island was a natural corral so not only did they have horses air they had goat sheep all kinds of livestock and they didn't have to worry about it running off because it was on an island how they got

it that I don't know how we you know little raft or something they floated over there who knows but don't touch you don't feed you don't walk up to them they have that every possible way you can see it because not only will you be fine you can be subject to jail that horses can hurt you to horses you see at least 40 feet away yep don't get out of your car and see a foal want to take a picture those horses can run like any mom others can protect their bear so keep that in mind and speaking of the other attractions here they have yeah and they have a place you can washer washer dogs work work that's W ARS correct your dog you know the sights are our level they're gravel well no supreme supreme sights or asphalt and they have like maybe ten of those I think they've got the oceanfront ones the sites are gravel and they maintain them but they're not really like squared off or you know manicure very well manicured but they're good no problem you're at the beach so yeah well where is it oh yeah I'm glad you brought that up there's a life-saving service museum it was the precursor to the United States Coast Guard great Museum right at the

end of the boardwalk closest to the campground and the campground from the campground Ocean City is about a little over two miles I wouldn't walk it because they don't really have a good it's not pedestrian friendly but it's a very very short drive plenty of parking down there now mind you we're here in the off season it's a it's late mark right now wasn't bad it was quiet up until yesterday when all the people start bringing their kids in and stuff like that for Spring Break we're not against kids but also grown and we'll kind of past that phase so with all that said good place to come definitely definitely definitely call check online it changes from one day can be a little pricey can be a little pricey in the during the season especially that yeah so but I mean overall out of the four geez how many Jesus would you give it I give a 3G yeah good place to go walk to the beach you got a little tiki bar down down the road I'm gonna check out later on today you know bad dates beach burton good day at work and I want to apologize for not being a current with our YouTube we've been traveling a lot and some things have worked out with her

promises already that didn't work out so well so this is gonna be the first video from where we're staying at the moment which is Maryland and we'll go back to Virginia and then he's gonna work on the rest of them from like Las Vegas so they won't be in sync after this but just keep following decent information again this is our take our view our personal experience you probably have a better experience hope we do if you don't have a worst experience all right so with that said for castaways RV Resort and campground in Ocean City 3G 3G okay we give it a 3G thanks for tuning and glamping with the keys I'm Jimmy safe travels

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