09 August 2013 - UHAthletics

Camp Insider: Linebackers Caleb Tucker, Tyler McCloskey, and George Bamfo

Senior Linebacker, George Bamfo, interviews fellow Freshmen Linebackers Caleb Tucker and Tyler McCloskey.

how you doing my name is George down

from your ice online record number 38 also known as the Black Swan to my left we have a freshman linebacker Tyler McCloskey you played Mike linebacker number 54 and I mean I'm Caleb Tucker I play Sam linebacker and I'm to mate you can call me old shadow mr. Caleb can you tell the houston fans a little bit about yourself i would like to think of myself as a very athletic linebacker you know speed I comparators I can come off the edge I can do you know pretty pretty much whatever the coach tell me to do I just not everybody needs to practice on the book I feel like I can adapt to anything they did at the coaches to him to do so I'm like Oliver I'm play I like to think of myself as someone who knows the PlayBook backwards and forwards I'm not there yet but I'd like to get to that point but I can play all three spots and do them all effectively and then be a player that's gonna outwork everybody physically and then be very violent in the end don't give us an angle when we're going to attack it that's all I made a man stuff okay mr. Caleb what are your other talents besides football what do you like to do when you're away from

football Oh Martella besides football or uh or I mean I can I can I can hoop pretty good and I don't know crossover do I let's shoot the ball I Charlotte um so basketball will be one of them chillin with with with us some of my friends would be one of them you know me but me I'm pretty much of a chill guy so i don't i don't really do too much besides if it isn't I did them a football I don't do too much okay something I guess a talent that most people don't know that i have is i took piano lessons for about 10 years when I was younger well I like killip said I'd like to hang out my buddies and I like to be outside lot I have a ranch out in burnham go there a lot ok it's cool to me you gotta come up they only these days mr. Kaylor why did you choose to come to use um I love chose to come come to Houston because of the transition you know the transition annoyed this is it is a building program and and the coast lavigne you know he's a he he's awesome coach so so you know I I just feel like we all have a lot of you know just a lot of stuff to prove and did hear that I feel like we can really shocked the

world and Kyle it foot in the college football nation you know I trust you soon cuz my whole family's here so I have 30 fans every game and then I came here to be a part of something special it's a program on the rise and the coaching staff is great really like Coach Levine coach Hargreaves linebackers coach and we're going we have something to prove and we're in sharp blade what we're about George at your senior year won't even accomplish what are your one of your goals for this year we're definitely on top of the list I want to be a better leader you know and then you know wants to win a lot of games but you know status that's why I want to leave the the conference and tackles you know Saxon and all that stuff but at the end of the day I want us to win games because you know being a senior you you have to leave the legacy and I want their legacy to be a winning legacy so now that's that's that's on top of my list for girls I want us to win it and just be the best defense in the league and I want to be the best line break in the lead Bell for exactly why did you choose Houston I chose Houston because when i took my visit you

know I got the feeling of that you know family atmosphere man and you know everybody out here it was fun and everybody was energetic and you know I was recruited by coach summer so coach somebody was was great in that whole temple it was good to me so you know that's that's kind of odd so she's thinking was just a perfect fit for me dance our first game is at three lion stadium on August 30th they're still season tickets available you can call 713 go cougs or you can also log on to us Cougars com go coups coo coo

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