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Building the Future WITH YOU! - MORE Avaya at UC Expo 2017

We spoke to Avaya not once, but twice! See what Ioan MacRae had to say about recruiting for the future! Want to apply for a job at Avaya? Head right over to: ...

we are here with a via tell us the story

behind the violence you know it's not a new company you're absolutely right I've been a long text history goes about 18 feet links and all the way through your I made a number of acquisitions 2010 notably Nortel so it's been a UC NCC based organization but for many years one the longest in the industry so we're now leading in terms of our contacts and they're particularly our new products that's why we're here today just on the on the context and a bit our breeze and oceania develop platforms and when we look at team and customer engagement it's looking at equinox on you client on you Bri knew you I am presence so yeah here's showing the latest and greatest of Avaya to all and you guys to be better there's quite a lot to show up right we have multiple computers we have this thing which we showed off in a separate video and you know there's a lot going on it's not you're making yourself third well that's good it's work yeah I mean we're obviously in our current situation we want to make sure people know that a virus is here you know we're a very sound operationally a very sound organization

with very good property bit dark we got a debt restructuring that were under process with at the moment we aim to exit that the next couple of months we're going to be a very healthy organization and part of today's show everyone we're here we got some great technologies we released 60 new products in 2016 on R&D at 60% of our are plenty of our revenue that's market leading so you know we wanted to show all the new technologies we bought our ass here showcase it here along with our top of our UK leading partners like for net six degrees and intrinsic and ensure everyone understand where we are where we're going to business but how are technology and solutions are relevant to every organization regardless of size and/or sector of operation so we can see where you are thanks to the technology I'll show but where are you going what is is there a is there a further big picture well yeah I mean it's always evolving I think a lot of it is dictated to by the customers the ultimate end users you know we've got a new generation coming through I got a 15 and 18 year old boys the way

they work and integrate with their device is different to me yeah so they are shaping almost the future of a buyer how do they want to work in the in the workplace so team engagement peer to peer and how will they interact with a business so therefore that customer engagement they will dictate how our businesses today will need to change to service ultimately this next future generation without ignoring today's generation I think what was most interesting is a lot of companies tend to go through this aging process in the sense that you know you have a group of 25 to 30 year olds who walk up a company end up sticking around to the point where they're you know call it 50 or whatever and then new young people don't touch that's like a gap absolutely right and you have to try your best to mitigate against that you want new young people in to get whatever the hot and fresh turnover and that's that's supposed our customers need to actually employ those young we needing so we're doing a lot of early career development paths at the moment so we're bringing in young new talent who actually understand what our customers customers want so

that we're having that relevant conversation but also making sure R&D are always ahead we don't want to give a customer what they need today that's almost poisoned trying to give them technology that they can grow in as the market involves three or five years ahead and that's very much like Oceania Umbria develop and we're going to university but anthology were close with many universities in the UK about our technology and actually giving that available to students who can do that business or their dissertation on our technology Java scripting for example and when they leave they leave not only with their degree but they know a buyer they're relevant to our customers who need people to develop it they're relevant to us and they're relevant to our partner community to that gap we've identified both as a as an employer but also as an R&D company and that's the one we're focusing in addressing I think is it's important to note that a lot of you not only companies that people in general tend to forget that although under 21 year-olds make up by somewhere between 25 and 30 percent of a population they do make up a hundred

percent of the future of the country right very well and I'm now and it is very important that we get those people on board which is things that adviser seems to be doing very well yeah yeah we got a very much you know we've we've grown our headcount in Europe we've got open headcount at the moment we're recruiting but we're going to be recruiting that new generation exactly that the future over by the future of our customers and that's exactly the focus I've got me UK so we run GM VP programs at grab programs early career development programs and we will be bringing our talents into the organization and it's critical to our current success but our future success as well they are the next generation because if people want to find out more if they want to apply for a job where's the best place to go they come onto our website WWII comm they search under a mere or UK we'll have all of our vacancies out there my contact details and our HR are there please get in contact come and see us we'll talk about the careers we have today the ones roping up over the next three six nine months finally do an appeal directly to

the viewer at home who work deliver it is well you know great to get in contact with a virus a Viacom one in T on the crime lee md of UK available to speak to any of you whether that's about our technology is a customer potentially partnering with us or indeed as a future employee of a vibe so please feel free to get in contact brilliant thank you very much for your time thank you thanks a lot thank you

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