29 May 2011 - brettney72

Brett Backpacking NARITA JAPAN

A different view of Japan in a quite village near Narita airport.

welcome to Narita

hmm boy she so so sooo I'm gansu on my way to I marita villages are very very pretty and it's um it's very nice and quiet old style Japan I spend a very long time feedback all the temples around narita absolutely stunning actually is so nice to be back these barrels behind me this is where they keep the exact day the rice wine that blows your mind if you have too much of that to drink you know about it the next morning nanda shorter I'm let's go Oh life goes on it's amazing yes give me the gun I level and I thought oh my god try my decisions huge the way otherwise this nevermind see this is the biggest thinking of soon three pieces gorgeous who owned anyone to the pebble I not only in the headline but definitely not behave so go away oh boy to where I see this man okay

that's right mum this is for you this is ready made omelet already vacuum sealed you can buy here in a supermarket Japan incredible only in Japan bringing closer it's some 248 in the morning I just felt a couple just to Little Earthquakes not nothing big but um so few aftershocks after their big one I don't fancy being buried alive too high

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