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Brawl: Rochester vs Binghamton 10/29/94

Line brawl.

I think we told you these teams have

piled up penalty minutes this year oh my gosh that will be a major penalty rochester's Mike berry is hardly played just swung at Micajah after the face-off McCarthy was standing flat-footed the draw was over here's waiting for the buzz of the sound and berry cold-cocked him home Akash came back pretty big no he's not nearly as big as Barry I was about to say Gary I didn't think this game was over yet when the puck was being dropped I mean you could tell if there was electricity just zapping back and forth between all the guys out there and more to come the others a fight at the other end starting up yeah back to the old fence there's one right in front of Corey hurt Dean Melanson number 7 a Rochester has gotten into one at one end you need a wide shot to cover this one go get it the fight that started down a Hersh's end is in a pile in front of him now they're breaking up Melanson had gotten into it with scott alone they've separated themselves boy in front of a bench so there's that matt barn to be finally going at it he's got the other guy's dirt that is Matt Barnaby did you see that right by Barnaby yep

and that's Louis ha pinned up against the bench and these two have already gone through it once Bria Scott Malone in white seven is Dean Melanson in dr. Rochester they are at center ring they're the only ones out in the middle of the ice whatever god I think there's a finger I think that's my last on since God you can see that his fingers cut and he's trying to protect them well it's either a lefty or he's trying to protect it I don't know here they oh boy he didn't try to protect it there he came in and led with three straight left oh and then a right uppercut another right uppercut baby he really put a shot right there on Scott Malone's head Millan got his head and dumped into the ice he's alright he had his helmet go well let me tell you folks that officially between between melees one second of hockey was played there's going to be a major penalty to Mike Barry that's going to cost him some money and probably some games because on that faceoff agent he just wound up cold yuck hit Sharma kavita kosh head was

waiting for the buzzer he just kind of dipped the face off and stood there well we still have 16 seconds on the clock witness that'll be about another 20 minutes we got more time than players these teams only had 16 skaters when we started look look look at these Barnaby you're pretty tough until Langdon comes on the ice my guess is they are afraid to fight someone who swings back Langer Barnaby swung pretty hard much acted a couple of times there think that's Langdon's fan clubs work right there huh well way too neat for them boy they'll watch the space off this is this is not pretty you watch Barry using blue here same Akash wins the draw then very just cold coccyx yeah it might not have been it well-well see mccoshen recovered whoa he's recovery well man Brian Lewis the supervisor of officials in the National Hockey League is here tonight yes he is so he's I'll tell you the gun Brad Watson the referee has had a chance to show it tonight and he's done a good job that's what we couldn't we couldn't see how this was started that's part of me that was right down in front of us Brad Watson who may come out of this as first

star of tonight yo picks up the goal on assistant

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