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Boston College Upsets Duke - Entire Game (Part 1 of 2)

as you can see, I skipped all the commercials, fouls, and turnovers because it would take up too much time and the clip would be too large to upload. I worked ...

improve for the first time this year BC

wearing the home gold trimmed and garnet out of bounds it will be the Eagles basketball you look at it and we talk about it now is the time you start focusing on finishing out the regular season building up your resume for the NCAA tournament in the lake the Boston College coaches have the number nine in their mind right now they're at six wins but certainly a win against Duke gives and two signatures on their paws solidifies solidifies their place no doubt Sanders replicant Sanders coming off a 23-point effort at this crowd in fact this entire student body is more amped for this game than any other conference game all season long as Henderson drops through a bucket already this Duke team very active in the first couple of minutes getting into lying and sack on Wednesday night yeah second half they use that and coaching stands in the cut three single from downtown hits the free ball that's a big key we fall and it's Tyrese rice he loves the open floor good luck to Sagar that time too not good defensive balance all rejected done got it Thomas back up

and he puts it through against great gold jerseys Thomas just out fighting everybody and those are type of but garbage points per se that he picks up Sanders that's a marquee matchup with him and gerald Henderson Sanders a little bit bigger and stronger all of these these hoods belong to him and Henderson there with eh old mano-a-mano between the two it's that recognize the fat end s'en recognized to switch that time and Riedl really utilized in his tenure without it down Singler nice runner Kyle Singler really had a tough shooting night against Miami a couple of games ago five points off turnovers Araki Sanders pumps come on Tim Sanders Paul Tucker Rhode Island Anderson a floater and they gave him the clear out on the right side that time and I don't think eight with your teammates defensively Trapani from the Vermont transfer almost similar like in the way he played Seebeck feed Smith who ran the quraan Thomas won a putback very athletic move he's a guy who really

Smith Trapani knocks it away the putback opportunity back up again he stays with it and knocks it down well Brian suit Trapani again why not himself squared before the last jumper he felt it all along around 33 practically a day off the Bell Skinner Shire high arching off the glass you know John shot another pic Henderson steals at eco Paris made the error and they make them fail see mm right now no points in this game Thomas Gray no Lance Thomas that's got to be considered gravy yeah rice has his pocket picked again this time it's Paulus yeah that's already the tenth turnover of the game for PC 14 minutes into this game he needs something good to happen and there's a nice start as he finds Reggie Jackson inside on the bed what he knows a terrific pass Shire kept that one alive for Singler I think John was wondering what whistle was it turned into a nice backdoor cut by Rice his first bucket is any good that's just basic basketball the hoe again checking Singler at an enviable task nice fine by Singler getting Thomas has been very active Jackson little stop and go and step back beautiful

I've in Shire who's coming our pottery against North Carolina had 17 in that game the hell minutes they've had 20 minutes that have been really good there's another backdoor cut Henderson from McClure they're very similar in traffic Paris be drunk and he brings it and that's a tough find for a guard to ferry it was really very Maryland win over Georgia Tech because at the Senate I love everyone some fire now how often make Gary cry block at the top of the circle McClure a little reversal up then under line how about the offense from Thomas in the core no way of passing the devil's roach from downtown that's a big three he is capable of having thick rice for three he's uncanny did I mention that you get a shot at him time he wanted to rice a nice jump stop you knew he was gonna be down for long he's really lifted his team he and some rarefied air with a wind tonight rice that's mm mm in his career he had seven at the break that 3-ball gives him 10 and the tip is by Thomas again Wow as he played well Trapani all the way to the rack yes

which I felt that would be help coming and it didn't get there in town well I submit communication you see the back screen coming it looked like there wasn't any talking Singler upset because other steps up and gets rocked and that list that lets him get all the way to the rim you've got to talk the guy behind has got to talk up and then and that's Lance Thomas coming up from behind he's got to communicate last year when he was here working out they could not wait to get him out on the floor also you just wait till next year see what this young man can do this young man could be special can hide talent Singler for three it's so hard on him to defense when you little blow by pulls up off the back iron this time Sanders on the offensive boards going reversal Kim Sanders now with 11 limits to get his first points tonight now he has ten is Thomas just continues on the roll he has ten what Edition just go ahead and admit somebody else had a good idea rice on a run out sube 46:40 to setting the pitch now they got you

there you see the screen right there puts the defense in a bad way and just a great bleep going 35 for Duke Singler didn't need to use it in the 35 and southern still use the size to overpower you in that time he had Singler who you could also get by with his quickness rice goes crossover and this is something to watch cleaving away right here and all it takes is a little bit of scene a little look off right there rice just so quick and you can break you down and get inside second foul on singings a hit when it's full and since with the city like Boston it was so much going on in the professional sports Mecca all right you know I hear what you're saying to him but you get it rice again this made so many good decisions and making much better decisions as a junior and a senior but he draws so much attention you have to be prepared to catch the ball around him and this team mates definitely are in this game every opponent's best shot and right now the Boston College is delivering that shot and that's and that's why you know here you know BC is right in that hunt and they know what a victory today would

mean that this program fouls rice turns it over Jackson put the pick pocket of Shire Trapani we'll return the sink and we're tied again at 51 in a Milligan styler roaches first get ready for the stretch run our great American race is still going on or confidently and I think Tyrese rice was more aggressive offensively in the early part of the second half my all seven of his first half points in the last five minutes and Cory Raji the five on the floor for VC there's rice no help we're tying to get it 53 there are different times Mike when you see Jon Scheyer and Greg Collins in a Duke becomes a much more difficult team to defend right Jackson pops out hi since it is tutoring Reggie Jackson stepping up against North Carolina and here that was a tough guy steal by Sanders let's gonna get a timeout listen to this crowd at the

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