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Best Itinerary For Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh | What to see, where to go

Best itinerary for Travelling to Tawang. Here We designed the full proof plan for traveler who wants to visit Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. #Itinerary #Bomdila ...

hey guys this is a Charlie for the

people by the people of the people on extreme roads I give you a bomb welcome on my channel and today I am going to share with you the trip - okay you have seen my series on the bond which is situated in Arunachal Pradesh north east side of India and I'll share with you how we had planned our trip to the van so let's begin the road map but the van was like this we had traveled from Patna where celebrity in Albury way at the H foot and from page go to Bali poem by the pond to bound it up from bomb Dilip to the wrong from there on to sell a pass from syllabus to taman means back we have halted at different places like Nepal each nest but the route map was same and then we took a little off road from Assam and entered at Kaziranga we got a date card in there from Hajin got a partner so this was all together twelve hundred and ninety seven kilometres that we had traveled from Patna to tap on OK and way back you can calculate it so now our idly for like this from Patna we hurry or we started early morning at 3:30 and we halted and nobody or the very first day since it was quite late and we had traveled eight

hundred and fifty seven kilometres we will not stay dead wrong here which was the better town to stay I would suggest to you that because it took us long to move around for the hotel hunting anyways so that is we see that on Albert and second day we moved from now podi towards bobzilla now it was proximate hundred two hundred and eighty kilometres that to travel the other day and we have event wire page full tube a loop on the lip balm you have to get your entry passes done so we for us it costed around 130 rupees and for foreigners it costs a little higher online it is 500 for foreigners 100 for Indians but we took it on the spot and you also can do that it hardly takes time so from polyfoam we travel to bondola and we stayed at bombed Euler circuit house we moved around in the evening but there was nobody on the street it was quite silent enough and aloha festivals was going on during Loza festival you will see no one over the streets they are enjoying at home now on the third day we traveled from bomb to LA around 6:30 towards the bomb but we had to haul sin between the total area which we were

going to cover was 171 kilometres but from like bondola to the wrong it is 42 kilometres and there are village to Australian ship from where we wanted to go and document it was around 10 to 12 kilometers by the riverside that you have to go so then from the wrong village to sell a positive 62 kilometres Scylla passes very exciting place and each and every tourist would like to fall there and it is a very famous spot while travelling to table on there you can enjoy at a cafeteria son's father to that the oxygen level is low so you have to call them take a little bit of a meal that is samosas and noodles and enjoy at Salah lake guys it was a real exciting time because it was no field around I was experiencing snow for the first time so from cellar we traveled around 67 kilometres towards dabangg it was evening time we stated for his guest house at our denied circuit house on the fourth day in Taiwan we went around monastry we went to war memorial in the evening there is also musical laser show and since it was also festivals so locals when drawing on their time prayers and all but no shop so I mark it

was open and restaurants walls are closed so having meals outside during Llosa festival is a real hard times we have to really be you know compromising at that time now on first day of the Bunge happened to visit chairman Han and Jonathan has a place which is 90 kilometers from Gabon and this is really a beautiful place which is at the border of Papa Don and the Mokpo tribes are residing there and they are the migrants from Don so with this estate Jonathan and there's a caution monastry on the way towards Jonathan Indians have permissions to go there foreigners are not allowed unless they have some special permissions we went there for red pandas but unfortunately that season is not good for it thunders so we'll have to go again in October time now coming back to Tom okay well I would suggest that you can also stay at Jonathan for two days because there are moon season they are really warm welcoming you know Mambo tribes are there so but our itinerary was not fixed like that so we came back and to Tehran and from Don Juan six the day we move towards no rainfall so we reached in the evening it is Hardy 35 kilometres

Dabangg and then we said hydroelectric power stations guesthouse next day morning we were sustained during fall and from rainfall like after having documenting noodle for visiting there then we moved and afternoon for Ignace so eternal century we will reach there in the evening late evening basically at nine o'clock and we went YT that first officers like loads of festive mood SS home we enjoy their the muumuus and the meals out there and they are really really warm welcoming people I must say and then we stayed on the very same day at eagerness now on seventh day we enjoy eminent and guys you have to be early birds if you want to spot birds because they are they follow a routine and we we visited early morning in like England per century it was amazing is 40 many birds out there since we had limitations so with the lenses that we were carrying along with us but still with the lenses that we had we spotted many are birds and I could show you a few then from a balance we stayed the same day in Eagle Nest on the 8th day and all night the day from evilness we traveled all the way to car didn't go away same route and it was approximate

hundred 184 kilometres that we travel from evilness to car younger so at Carter una with each round three or four o'clock and we stated the forest guest house enjoy the music asami folk music in the evening and you can also participate in that and are you going event for elephant safari well there are the just Jeep Safari and elephant safari and it inspires in the forest you can you know spot animals right in front of you and Jeep Safari is goes through the restricted corridor so you can opt any which one you want and there are four gates from where you can go Jeep Safari actually our plan was to spot Reno's and we spotted Reno's up there baby dinos and mama Dino's and Papa he knows and also we hang along with the elephants where to best for this a party so after that coming back from car Jenga forest on the very same day on the tenth day we had it towards Patna it was ha 1113 kilometres that we were going to travel and early morning on the 11th day bearish but now so this was my complete itinerary from Patna to Tehran from Dabangg to khardarim non thought you don't go to bed now back and I hope you

liked our itinerary and you can turn your trip accordingly okay guys so whatever which are the seasons that you can travel to it upon well the one is a place where you can travel in any season and if you are really fond of snow that you can travel during November December January tell every you will find snow but the idol season is from February to September and you can a little bit the way ahead to November but September in September is ideal time when if you are traveling - even as then from July to September Eunice is closed and kaoru-dono is closed from June to October so if you roll you want to travel to all this places then you have to keep in mind that when this places are closed so guys if you are traveling by Road then since we travel from Patna butter karate is a place which is a center point and from karate you can travel to the same route vigils y @ h 4 and then polyphony and the same itinerary follows and if you are traveling that flight then you can go to gu hottie or page 4 where the airport lies so if you are traveling by train then / phonons the station where you can

travel so the cells are itinerary and this is how you can reach taman so if you liked it then like it and also if you have not subscribed it then press a bell button and we can reach you anytime so this was virtually for the people by the people all the people from extreme roads and

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