01 October 2010 - Dianne Thomsen

Best Cleansing Diet

http://www.bestcleansingdiet.com The best cleansing diet, the Power of Purification is a whole body detox for you if your health is out of control and you are are ...

hello this is Diane Thompson the rogue

dietitian over the many years that I have been practicing as a nutritionist and dietitian I have witnessed a steady decline in everyone's health including small children think about it allergies are rampant we are seeing illness due to an overwhelmed immune system everywhere and Americans are overweight and they're getting fatter I asked you where have all the healthy people gone food is not what it used to be just go to my website wwii to hyphen wellness calm and you'll find tons of information about the state of your food couple that with the number of toxins that are found in your environment about 80,000 most of which have not been studied for safety and you have a formula for a disaster it really is no wonder that people are on more and more drugs and most people are so sick in my experience everyone would benefit from a good and safe cleanse twice a year are you a good candidate for a detox diet here's how to know if you have any of the following symptoms you would benefit if you have a stuffy head if you have fatigue or difficulty sleeping if you have digestion and other gastrointestinal problems like constipation diarrhea if you don't have

at least two to three bowel movements per day you'd be a great candidate if you have food cravings and are experiencing weight gain if you have reduced mental clarity you know the brain fog that most people suffer from today if you have low libido if you have cellulite on your body these are just a few this that you would definitely benefit if you were experiencing these your body has the ability to remove these natural toxins but because of the sheer number of toxins found in our environment today your body is being overwhelmed and isn't able to keep up so it needs a helping hand that's where the power purification comes in this is a program that consists of lots of organic vegetables good fruits good quality protein and whole food supplements so it is safe and effective you can check out the September 2080 issue of the journal of chiropractic medicine which is peer reviewed for some of the benefits the principles taught during the cleansing diet form a great foundation for a healthy diet for the rest of your life you'll never have to second-guess what a superb diet is the educational component

of the program alone is worth its weight in gold I will teach you information that I've gathered over my 30 years as a wellness educator here's a secret that will depress you did you know that synthetic vitamin A carries a skull and crossbones on the drums of its stored in because of its toxicity this is what makes this way into the majority of supplements found on the market today including network marketing products I will teach you how to identify a synthetic vitamin so you can stop taking worthless supplements that may be harming you and wasting your hard earned money if your health is out of control and you are looking for a godsend you are in the right place all that you have to do is fill out the form to the right of this video or in the description box click on the link that will take you to a page with an opt-in box and submit your name and email address and you will get notified of the next free informational webinar for this first class program so don't wait do it right now and after all it's free what have you got to lose so this has been Diane Thompson the road dietician to your great health

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