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Behind the scenes of Lehigh Men's Basketball's Iowa State Trip

Lehigh men's basketball junior Gabe Knutson (Urbandale, Iowa) returned home when the Mountain Hawks played at Iowa State on Saturday, Nov. 12. Knutson ...

sup guys game knutson and I'm taking you

behind-the-scenes provide obviously ladies and gentlemen first official video we're sitting here watching Anthony Durazo eat Anthony on a scale of one to seven how excited are you for this trip to Iowa seventh unlucky number song is a 66 being very excited and say that's all I wanted here thanks appreciate here i am with my man Corey Goodman philly chill we're wearing his hometown right now it's going from one home town to another Goodman outsider you to go to my hometown I'm scared kind of scared why ain't you visit the coin no Goodman I got to be honest with corn fields scared me at first how long it awesome one will grow enough enough it's quite all right hi Goodman philly chill mr. philly chill chomping on the lake on a blueberry cake donut hey that's how he does I'm here with my man John Adams counting has change it just bill buddy this is real life this is real life Johnson okay I don't really have anything to say to you job okay nice talking to you Oh John John yeah I do have something to say the generic how excited are you for this trip time you can be honest I fookin prawns yum I'm gonna have been to

Iowa and you know my boy gori gori I'm really excited to see what I was all about Bailey's pioneers there yes many pioneers the chopped down trees ladies and gentlemen Holden Griner oh sorry I was just tutoring one of our young freshman year what a young studious mentor young cheaper young shaper assistant scored ladies and gentlemen Holden Griner you can follow them on twitter at Holden 20 G's Holden's I know we're going to Michigan State later I know you're very excited for that but in all honesty you're way more inside of the IRA trip let's be serious home & grinder how excited are you for this trip pretty excited to go to Gabe Knutson sounds this place of residence hi I am expected as well can't see his family people it's going to be fun but Michigan way better I I do disagree with that but Michigan's better now well you could write yes Cory what do you think they're Michigan that's Michigan not even close just makin so much better this is not true just stepped off the plane Cory out of the feel just great to be here I would agree that's really all I got right now everyone's already commenting on how

bored they are in sync it's really a bitch it's really boring supposedly lots of corn and nothing to do you heard it here first CJ aisle ladies and gentlemen CJ McCollum picking up his bags CJ how's your I would experience so far we haven't really seen a I got your bag what a nice roommate Holden Greiner thanks come on a serious note we just got here so I only know is going on can be much worse than another state somewhere to Ohio size is why you're going for there no should be cool not open space a lot of cornfields yep pretty agree a lot of open space that's good that's good right a lot lot of driving lanes here in iOS song alrighty CJ McCollum my new gentleman here we are on the bus driving down through downtown Des Moines the city that the city that never sleeps uh-huh the City of Light it was the little apple and like it doesn't get much better than this like here we are Stefan is loving his time here in Game stomach these are the stomping grounds we landed here in Des Moines were welcomed by friendly arms the mother Miss Mary knutson was kind enough to bake cookies and here we go look at that skyline

downtown Des Moines the one big tower principal principal bang what a beautiful sight feel like everyone needs to see this what's that life I'll have a bridge say it's comparable to Vegas New York Chicago LA all of them right there that's guy line for just the about 20 minutes outside of Des Moines here and as you can see the landscape has changed tremendously we got a bunch of corn this is really the heart of Iowa still tryna rockin out got mac man Oh he said you can swing around apart just like you all right ladies and gentlemen were live from the knutson household we start here with John John highlights of the meal tonight right now that might be the highlight of the night let's be honest that that was the highlight of the night everything with food was good sounds wonderful I see why I was all right I was all right people are people are starting to realize cord buns schaefer little shave barnacleboy Cory your mom's brought some desserts how was that was a meal be used here here we are with

Mackey McKnight Mackey reviews from the meal for tonight yeah out of this world bra my frog works amazing good I was good good to hear good to hear I've been telling you guys you just don't believe it you just don't believe Anthony draws your empty plate at the moment yes straws can I get some food reviews for tonight individual reviews I'm saying that his mules see I was replication it was that good where I was that bad that's interesting that's interesting how you put it but but I think that's good i think that's a good thing good thing all right thank you ladies and gentlemen walk before Delta Airlines flight 11 88 service now to Philadelphia

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