12 February 2014 - offthegridsurvival

Be Prepared

this is stranded vehicle number 34

snowpocalypse 2014 we are having a blast hey what up guys it's randall with off the grid survival this is just going to be a short video I'm response to the upcoming storm preparations for the storm that's about to be taking place here in Georgia in the next 24 to 48 hours two weeks ago we had a very bad storm well to georgia standards we had about two inches of snow with about an inch ice underneath it and that pretty much crip atlanta and the governor and the mayor of atlanta pretty much took a hard hit for their responses to that situation when in fact i believe it really lies on the individual two weeks later this is now with the governor is saying in the press conference yesterday to changing circumstances to use their own good judgment not in on somebody having to tell them what to do we have good people in this state they can make good independent judgments we won't just provide them with the best information possible so they can make those good judgments thank you all being so as the governor said being prepared relies on the individual isn't that what prepping is all about being prepared I know that my wife is going to be safe here at the

house because we have all the preparations we need to estate ourselves for an extended period of time unfortunately I have already been notified that I'm going to be getting called into work to work and deal with this and I'm going to be out in this storm unfortunately these are some of the preparations that I have made personally to put in my police car to be prepared for this storm these are items that are purchased by me not my department all right guys this is the trunk of my police car I have a rain jacket fire extinguisher that's provided by the depart some of the things that they I brought put in there was i put a toolkit a simple tool kit got this in depth first aid kit that i purchased my department issued ar-15 the little department issued first aid kit right there is oh it's called the throw bag you can throw out 50 feet of rope into water and it floats and you can rescue somebody if they're within 50 feet that black bag is my survival bag that has a lot of food and water in it for weight iron all this is items that I purchased and not my department I purchased jumper cables i

purchased a jack to help stranded motorist that blue pole was a lockout kit too now let's take a look inside this go bag and show you what I got in it alright guys this is what I have inside the kit I have an empty metal water container to store water we have two extra water bottles I have a little gas mask this is there like I said this is the kit that saves my car so you never know what type of statute my situation I might run into so I thought that would be possibly necessary extra strands are extra rope extra shotgun shells various calibers 38 ammunition nine millimeter ammunition 40 cal smith and wesson ammunition got zip ties approximately twenty four packages of emergency drinking water in this pouch I got some well this is actually pretty funny this is a just a smoke grenade I was actually used for one of them was used for a prank on my co-workers but that's a totally different story I have strands of paracord have an emergency blanket one of the cheap emergency rain ponchos another emergency blanket one of those nesbitt emergency cooking stoves Swiss Army knife fire Flint with compass and

an emergency flashlight I also got a plastic spoon fork and knife in that compartment as well that's it for that in this pouch I have pretty much fire making material bring much matches the little trioxane bars and all that good stuff for starting a fire if I need to and I think I have a little bit of like miscellaneous fruit drinks and stuff like that from memories that I had left over that's it for that pouch and now on the exterior pouches I have a I have a total of four of these the mainstay 3603 day emergency food rations so that's three days that's six days of 1200 calories a day there's nine days worth of food if I need it and there is 12 days worth of food in the emergency food rations now like I said these are going to suck if I had to use that basically I have four of them in there to sustain myself for a short period of time so but that's pretty much it in a nutshell now since this is a storm that I know is coming here are some of the other things I've added some of the other things I've added I've added three MREs with the heaters so all they need is a little bit of water to be added to cook them I entered a mess kit

and I added a couple cans of sterno for heat alright guys I hope you enjoyed the video be prepared this is wearing it without the grid survival out

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