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Baynard Park Bluffton Picnic Pavillion, Horseshoes, Bocce

www.gogated.com. Pulte Homes has announced the release of 60 new home sites at Baynard Park in Bluffton, S.C, the final phase of new homes to be available ...

well hello everyone it's Richard K dish

owner and broker in charge of go gated realty hilton head island am beloved in south carolina and today is january 7 2016 happy new year everyone today we're in bluffton we're in Baynard park the pulte homes community on the west side of bluffton on the hampton parkway what we're looking at is we're looking at the pleasant point picnic pavilion because we're here in this park area of baynard park which is called the pleasant Point Park and it provides a real great meeting focal point for the community with a picnic pavilion we have horseshoe pits we have a bocce court it's really a very nice asset for the community so many of you talk to me as a buyer's agent about what is the social dimension to that community is there a clubhouse that sort of thing well branded Park has some interesting recreational amenities and it includes this picnic pavilion here at the pleasant Point Park well I'm a buyer's agent ladies and gentlemen my name is Richard K dish ka des CH and my company is go gated realty and I'm the gated community specialist both go gated realty and gated community specialists are federally registered trademarks and I'm showing this to you as a buyer's

agent I don't work for pulte homes or baynard park I work for you ladies and gentlemen I'm only paid at closing if you buy and if you close by the commission that is already in the price of every property including every new home and more about those new homes in just a moment but this branded park community is located on a terrific piece of land very quiet hi well treed property with upscale homes that our price generally in the the 200 to 300 thousand dollar range just to keep it simple because prices are going up and the demand is high the the Baynard park is located about a half an hour to Savannah Georgia and about a half an hour's drive over to the beaches on Hilton Head Island let's just walk through this picnic pavilion they have community dinners here once a month so I'm told at potluck dinners where you come down and meet the neighbors and this is a big screen porch that i'm sure people enjoy very much also a good place to come in general just to come over and read a book get out of the house walk the dog maybe even have a barbecue well here we are it's January seventh we have a beautiful day here

today in the 60 degree range and i can tell you folks that bluffton is a beautiful place to live my wife and I well we lived on Hilton Head Island for 36 years and moved to bluffton about four years ago and we just absolutely love it out here you have all the convenience that you could possibly imagine great medical facilities we have the big box stores when it comes to shopping the target best buys Lowe's Home Depot Sam's Club more coming all the time and great convenience for the grocery stores and our semi tropical weather is just so fantastic it's a great place to live this is a bocce court we do play bocce here in the Lowcountry if you're not familiar with it it's kind of like a rolling the ball type of shuffleboard they have inter club plays those a competitions is what I mean to say this is a very social area and Baynard park by the way has a good mix of both retirement owners and families great place to raise a family this is a gated community it has a 24 hour manned security gate there is a community swimming pool in another location within the community with a zero add entry swimming pool with a big

pavilion outdoor fireplace fitness center there's a basketball court and a playground all over at the recreation center included in your annual fee for fifteen hundred and eighty dollars a year so as a buyer's agent people come to me and they say well they'd like to have a new home they'd like to have a safe community an upscale community they don't want to pay high annual fees they want some nice recreational amenities they like to walk or bicycle well I'm here the reason we're here is because Baynard Park meets all of those criteria and also in the price range that so many of you are looking for in the three hundred thousand dollar price range and you do get a lot for your money here well the big news here is that the new phase is just opened the final 60 building Lots have just been released they're actually in the process of being finished and pulte has announced that they're going to be selling off those last 60 lots here in about the next year and a half they have eight models to choose from because this is a pulte community you have to build one of their homes and they have a good selection they range in size from 1656 to 38 10

square feet two to four bedrooms both one and two-story homes the prices for the base price generally is around roughly 240 42 293 but that will change over time when they sell out over the next year and a half those prices will be going up all the while and when they sell out over the next year and a half that's it that's it for me at Brainerd Park any additional demand will go for a resale and by the way this is also a phenomenon that we're seeing with the other builders in the area where they build out the last land that they can get their hands on bluffton is building out ladies and gentlemen and it's all going to be finished in the next few years so hopefully your plans to relocate are within this next year or two I certainly hope so and I hope that you keep me in mind as your buyer's agent here to help you and give you advice that you can trust and to protect you and various we days help you in every which way please call or email let's work together my cell phone 8 4 3 6 8 for 29 33 my email address rich at go gated comm that's RI CH @ g 0 g 80 ed calm and my website is go gated comm so please call them please

email let's get acquainted find the best property for you here in 2016 and thank you for watching this video

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