04 May 2017 - Focal Splash

Baby Blanket

hey this is Paul Payton with vocal

splash and I just wanted to show you how we can take this background away and replace it with something else [Music] first of all we see quite a bit of blur right here on the edge this is good and it's a low depth of field of images sharp but it appears soft and blurry because of the really nice ones that used it in the very skinny depth of field you can see that this is a sharp edge not not a hundred percent sharp but it gets more in blurry as it goes down so this is a difficult thing where you have a sharp edge you want to cut out and then a blurry edge here you want to cut out and so that's really what's making me make a name is difficult to cut out so we have all blurry edges back here and then here you know Wow so first of all my favorite tool here the little buddy is a quick select tool like this just select them D selecting here cut and reselect this and deselect this real quick something like that to start with going to select and mask we have to make a really good selection here you can see there's some some showing up there I'm going to hit the R key and see what

happens what I do is it's refine edge it's going to be interesting because the edge is blurry so you don't really want to refine it too much and so that looks like it worked pretty good let's see what happens there hmm Photoshop looks like it's pretty smart I don't think that's what way on so holding the Alt key down and just kind of going over like that I think that's probably a pretty good edge so the issue is it's very difficult to get a blurry selection how this is working as the feather is it as it 18 if the feather was at 0 this is the actual selection that we're making all right and then since we see this out here go ahead and with the brush tool holding the Alt key and get rid of well we really don't want selected very interesting so that's the selection that we actually have and then when you feather the selection lets feather it all the way feathering by a thousand pixels here so the feather goes from here to here and of course it's ridiculous but about fifty pixels and it's like a feather across here and that's also not going to be what we want all right so let's feather by I tested

it a little bit earlier and I found that 18 pixels is about the blower that we have across there and it makes a pretty good selection alright and now this isn't selected properly because this is a sharp edge not a feathered edge so let's go in and fix that so I'm going to look again I'm thinking that's a pretty good selection and I'm going to put it up on a new layer so now we had the old layer and we have a new layer but on the old layer back on and you get that alright so for that selection I'm going to use the quick select tool again selecting that arm again zoom in make sure around this background here just and it looks like it's going to make a pretty good selection here and we'll go into selected mask alright and we'll bring the feather way down here we still want a couple of pixels feathered or any a little bit of smooth this gets a big arc and just look to see if it's the selection that you want let's bring the feather way down and I think that's a better selection of that without so much better because there's no blood hardly any blur on it and then hit okay put it up on its own layer let's turn

all the layers back on I'm going to be bold and I'm going to hit command and then click on this right here it's going to create a selection of that and then I'm going to click on this layer mask and I'm going to paint in white that's the for color and hit Alt Delete and it will fill that with white then I can turn this layer off and what I've done is I've taken this white section and painted it right there so control D and now the sharp selection and the blurry selection are bump the same layer so I like that alright so you can't really tell what's going on yet until we go ahead and delete that create a solid color layer all right and let's make the COS Alucard layer like a science blue something like that it okay there's a mountain so we've replaced the background now subtlety is an important word in Photoshop so let's try to make this a little more subtle we can lower the opacity of this color layer bringing back some of the background another way we could make this a little more subtle is you know just want it's a solid background color it doesn't look that good good okay selection but it just doesn't look real a couple of ways to

make it look real would be to grab this layer hit ctrl J to make a copy of it go to filter no no I have to turn this off there you go filter blur Gaussian blur and choose a blur that is going to basically get rid of the texture and keep the darkness that's pretty much going to work hit okay put the color back on and then lower the opacity and then we can you can see that there's some a little bit of texture back there a little bit of something that makes it look more real another possibility would be to add a layer in between here and this is below the color layer and below the the baby and painting with black why not let's make it a soft light layer and add a little bit of shadow back here maybe I'd just a little bit of shadow behind the baby here and that highlighted the fact that the let's go ahead and switch and pain with way all right there this will lighten that up a little bit and hide the fact that it's a cutout but everything else looks pretty good all right so you don't like that color we go to this color alright and we see yeah you know there's a little bit of an edge

there when you're changing a color from light to dark you're going to end up with a few problems so let's go here painting with black all right painting with black not white just darken that whole thing up and out here I'm going to use the eraser tool and get rid of what I painted just leave it without any anything I like that maybe we'll try and paint it with white here something like that and of course you can keep playing with the layer mask you know you can get in and adjust this layer that's just an example felt like that and painting with black on the layer mask if you carefully paint and painting with black and you can you can adjust these edges you want to make the brush a little bigger and move further away from it to give it more blur more of a fade and you would just adjust any edges that you think need adjusting and the rule is if it looks real or if it looks right at Israel in Photoshop say there's some little bit of edge there all right so I have taken a long time to show you some of the things that you can do but I think you get the idea

and if you have any questions let me know and thanks for watching [Music] you [Music]

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