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Attaching the Dexcom G4 Sensor

How to insert a new Dexcom G4 sensor.

alright this video will demonstrate how

to install the Dexcom g4 sensor onto the skin so we're gonna do first is open up the white bag which will contain the sensor and the plunger itself and get an idea of where we're gonna put it on the skin the various places you can put it on the skin are around the stomach left or right at the belly button about two fingers width away from the belly button on either side she can also put it lower waistline on the bottom or on the back of her arms there's another good place that we've had show maybe this is we just took it off from this area right here you can still see the ring a little bit alright so we're gonna put this one here about two fears widths away from the bellybutton at a horizontal angle so this is the idea where we want to put it a technique to kind of get an idea of where it's gonna be is to take a dry erase marker and mark the corners with the upper and lower side and then the left and the right side but I kind of just visualize where the plungers gonna be if you actually look at the bottom of this itself this hole right here is where the plunger is gonna go in and that's where the filament is going to be inserted into the skin so we don't want

to put any skin TAC around that area but we do want to make sure this area is clean with an alcohol swab so putting it back here two fingers whit's okay take the alcohol swab swab the area and the wetness of the alcohol swab kind of gives you an idea of where the plunger is gonna be and you take the skin tack which is gonna be sticky you can still see the wetness right there just kind of lightly brush the skin tack around the area you don't want to get it too far away from the circle because it'll start collecting dirt and create a sticky area on your skin that's not covered by the tape okay the next thing you want to do take the plunger itself and start removing the tape and it just peels off kind of like a bandage and they remember where we had the alcohol swab two fingers what's away place it on there and then from the inside out just rub down that tape so you don't get any bubbles or there's no air pockets in there and then once the tape is on the tape is guaranteed to keep the sensor on by itself for seven days so if it comes off before seven days Dexcom will actually replace the sensor for you and give you a new one

so you can see it's pretty strong tape once the sensor is on there like that the whole thing will stay so they kind of mentally prepare yourself for the next steps which is plunging the big needle into the skin and then quickly removing the plunger so the filament remains so what you want to do before that is remove the locking device from the plunger the next two steps would go kind of quick so I'll just talk about it before I do it this is the actual plunger here we're gonna push that in with our thumb notice my fingers are on this side of the bell-shaped area so push it in I should hear two clicks and then quickly transition your fingers to this part and then pull back this way and you should hear two clicks and what that does is inserts the needle by pushing it down and then by pulling backwards on it it'll pull the needle out but the filament will remain in so I'm gonna do that real quick you may hear two clicks you may not it's gonna happen pretty fast so one two back and that's it so the filaments in the needles out you see it didn't even affect her if she didn't jump at all okay so the sensor is

in the or the filament is in the sensor will work and the next thing we need to do is just remove the actual plunger and do that there's two push buttons on the each side of this push them down and rotate the plunger forward and it just comes right out and that can be thrown away you can see these two prongs there that's where the transmitter itself will match up with those two metal contacts so as you put it in you can see there's a little indentation on the sensor that indentation will match up with this locking device here and there's two lips on on this side it goes right in that area you can see how this locking device comes forward and it will lock this sensor right in and you hear two clicks that's this side and that side clicking in and locking and then you just pull this twist it and it comes right out this sensor is installed

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