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Arena Fitness February News 2017

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hey everybody its Jonathan Toulouse's

Membership Director for arena fitness just wanted to bring you up to speed on some upcoming events for februari 2017 hope everybody's had a great start to the year so far January was phenomenal for us everybody in LA got some good rain and some snow so I hope everybody is feeling good about 2017 so far so we're going to be having community day on Saturday februari 17th in both locations and basically we're just inviting everybody to come in and try a group training class in either location on that day if you are a current member and you have a semi private training only membership you're welcome to come in and add a group training class on that day if you're a former member it's been a while since you've seen us and you just want to pop in and say hello and jump into a class you're welcome to do that if you've never tried us out and you want to try a class this is your chance to do it so everybody's invited reservations are required we have limited spaces in all of the classes so make sure you email scheduling at arena fitness com in order to reserve a spot but again that's saturday februari 17 both locations group training classes

available to anyone and everyone as long as you have a reservation next we're going to be having our kickstarter award ceremony on sunday februari 19th the time will be determined later we're still trying to find the ideal time we'll let you know what that time is going to be but we're in the second week of our 28-day kick start right now we've got about 50 people in it possibly the best start to a 28 day challenge we've ever had everybody's absolutely crushing it and so on Sunday februari 19th we're going to be having the award ceremony everyone's invited to attend whether you did the kickstart or not whether you're a member or not because we are going to be having a brief nutrition seminar on micronutrients which will be beneficial and informative for everybody so everyone is invited to attend and of course on that same night the winners of the kickstart will be announced and awards will be handed out and that's always fun at the same event on Sunday februari 19th at the kickstart awards ceremony we're also going to announce the winner of the my zone challenge which is going on right now and we're going to announce the winner at the

award ceremony via Facebook live and and hand out some awards for the for the winner of that challenge which will be fun so if you can't attend the actual event you can always check in via Facebook and see who who the winner of that challenge is we're going to be having a referral rewards program in the month of februari we will we will give you a hundred and fifty dollar credit towards your march Jews for every person that you refer who joins arena fitness on a 36 or 12-month program this is available to active arena fitness members and of course the person that you're referring must actually join on a 36 or 12-month program but we appreciate your support and also if you've got people in your life who have been talking to you about you know wanting to get in shape this is an opportunity for you to to bring them in and give them the chance to do that and it's always fun to train with people that you know and love so this is an opportunity to to bring in those people and help them out and surround yourself with with people that you that you love and you like to train with if you want more information on that you can email me at Jonathan at

arena fitness com and again the hundred and fifty dollar credit will be rewarded for every person that you refer during the month of February's so if you refer to people you'll get a $300 credit so let me know if you have any questions on that we have new t-shirts in stock they arrived I don't know either last week or the week before we've we've already [Music] given away a whole bunch of them for twenty bucks each if you want one they're in limited supply just make sure that that you email joe at arena fitness com so that he can hold one for you and again they're twenty bucks and lastly but most importantly baby boy garcia is going to be arriving soon in about three weeks his due date is februari 23rd so most of you i would imagine by now know that AC and Joe are going to be having their baby boy this month we're all really excited about that so we want to have a little fun with that as well so if you want to post your guess for the actual delivery date and his lengthen wait upon his birth if you want to post that to the private Facebook group page you need to be a member obviously to be on that

facebook group page but if you want to post your guesses as to the actual delivery date and his length and weight at time of birth we'll be handing out some prizes for people who are who guessed correctly or at least get the closest guesses and if you're not on our private Facebook group page you can either friend me on Facebook or you can email me at Jonathan at arena fitness com and I'll make sure that you get added but we're really excited to see the next addition to this beautiful family and we're looking forward to meeting baby boy Garcia really soon so anyway that's what's going on during the month of februari if you have any questions about anything you can email me at Jonathan at arena fitness com or you can call us directly at eight one eight nine zero six thirty 30 hope you're having a great year so far and i'll be talking with you again soon

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