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Antimicrobial Resistance

Padeepz : Antimicrobial Resistance Pathogenic microbes are provided with their own mechanisms to establish infection in the host animals and humans.

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remember antimicrobial resistance 9 on top the pathogen Sonova no host Lord this is established under the Guru mechanism mature animals live human beings Linda's accessable hidamari the host hannover no in the lower pathogenesis pond radhika it has got number of ways number of mechanisms either than a shrine t microbial resistance abhi a pretty pathogen host ocular entry are the different mechanism Atsuko Almer in the host may on the end of all of our pathogen a successful a responder the core of mechanism a circle to prevent infection a line of the antimicrobial resistance it may be natural nonspecific or specific natural resistance include species resistance racial resistance individual resistance it can be of different types so short analogy antimicrobial resistance and mostly require different mechanism which resists against the invasion of the microbe and prevent infection it is called antimicrobial resistance or the chemotherapy control and treatment of infection using chemical compound or drugs is called chemotherapy using a chemical compound or drug we cure treat a disease or control a disease

called chemotherapy a good chemotherapy agents should have the following characteristics what are the characteristic feature of a good chemotherapy agent a lauren all a character perform it destroys the or prevent the activity of the pathogen we thought causing any injury to the host tissue was to celsa body camera and the pathogen a test - Drizella the other activity prevent underway for a good character rain day this good chemotherapeutic agent is able to penetrate the cell and tissue of the host and can encounter the pathogen but safe concentration or dose host is silikal of hui on the pathogen a encounter control Ibuki require power Ilocano are the way host lyrica could a natural defense mechanism disturb phenomena here this el verano was the natural defense mechanism like parasitosis antibody production should be unaffected either what is really positive body order natural defense mechanism albert another network another way it is stuff on our crew no other good character but also the chemical or drug should exhibit selective toxicity a banana though it only kills the

pathogenic microbes without producing harm to the host host silica in the body peer protocol my pathogenic microorganisms or to destroy for naquadria the a recon of abrir latina it will be considered as a good chemotherapeutic agent you are listening to petits dot-com

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