12 September 2012 - Andy's Awesome Adventures

Antarctica Blizzard (White Christmas) on Deception Island With Chinstrap Penguins

We hit a blizzard on volcanic Deception Island on our last excursion of the trip. I was the only one in our group who was taking video because my video camera ...

and a deception island dwellers day

it was dormant on the island this is the place that the whaling station was they actually kill like two to three million whales and this air force that it's now abandoned its distance the airplane hangars way down as well no need to worry going to dream about a white Christmas because it is here beautiful though change of pace from the last few days we've been very fortunate with the weather there that snow oh yeah going pretty good the cameras are the important accessing elements fortunately are you ever just poverty go all right well these are last name excursions for the middle of a blizzard island 12 yeah that's great wonder what he did in Africa alright we're back walking talking watch your feet air something real back into the element going to take a little walk toward the mountain over here so we even sound there with the life jacket if we're lucky to volcano will go up

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