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too long the church me being fed of

birdseed we produce hit me crystals we've been cut off from our report we do to see by ourselves and others to be less than what God intended us to link between religiously brainwashed instead of New Testament taught by the way as I said you Leon more drunk a few years back the words in mind spirit new paradigm and for years I walk with us in my heart I didn't quite know what to do with it even at one stage that 10 years ago to the bank account performing opens to use it for some kind of and it's in the last few months that the law is quickened that reality when I heard myself say one day when I was beginning a sermon I heard myself safe effectively that Jesus Christ was the greatest new paradigm finger ever to touch footy bro on Saturday when he started opening his mouth he challenged every l-alanine frame of reference known to man those who don't know what much more alibag is a paradigm is the way in which no things it's not what you know but it's the frame within which you hold that which you know so sometimes your other gun is challenged by a bigger persuasion that comes to you and that causes you to shift your paradigm you

use an example perhaps on the day that you were right here you saw this in a good day I'm getting you started chatting to your friends and said would you be much we're going to go down there we're going to sit in a cool and we can look down and you're going to have fun and then maybe somebody came along and you taught your we're going to go down to the goon you say well don't go down to the lagoon their shots tell me and suddenly ready and you feel about to do now that a paradigm shove it up your strength nor with each other because you are informed by a greater persuasion how God is challenging in this time the religious blind spots and the traditional paradigms that have caused these people to be held in bondage new religion hmmm and self effort and cut themselves off from the essence of what the gospel is said to mind and what does he continue along the lines that I started on an hour an eternity of the book of Colossians and i'm going to share this book with you in every way that will challenge challenge you ever died even more because following on jesus was a man called Saul of Tarsus from Jesus singled out specifically he

caused him to trip us into the Arabian desert some years into his ministry after he had an encounter personal encounter with the Lord Jesus on the way Lee with the latest destroy the church and Jesus challenge this paradigm he said why are you pitching against the police why are you persecuting me said who are you lord he says I had Jesus that shifted paul stoute abide in such an incredible way blinded you that experience for three days and he became as the persecutor of the church the testifier of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ as he saw him but then that was not enough couple of years later in your rabia desert with Lord Jesus appeared to him again and personally challenged his paradigm and that of all of the whole mankind Paul the first you would be to him to Jesus revealed that a human being is a vessel a vehicle for the life of a double that Christ now lives within the human being well that it actually pleased God to reveal he certain us not man's idea you had would never have come up with such an onion pimpin it's the wisdom of god it's the mystery the revelation of the mystery that was

hidden in the heart of God that was never revealed to any of the Old Testament prophets monkey Moses multiple naija muttered elijah was not revealed to the Twelve Apostles because they do not have the capacity to understand at that time Jesus taught them about us and he said that how he stood the spirit of reality will come and you will guide it into Oakland so he challenged mankind's Paragon once again so I look tonight with you at the book of Colossians but what you in your mind's eye to visualize the Apostle Paul sitting in jail and run with him in jail is a backless pathless was one of Paul's disciples in Ephesus who came to visit paul in jail but he had some bad luck he was also arrested hotel so a mess imiss came to bring them some news from Asia Minor which is now number 13 and poor heard some news and we ball took notice of what the missive was told me he mediately put her later and he said this letter together with another letter back to a little town called callosum we all had never be the people have never known you my face but the information that Paul was given a long beam so much that he wrote a letter

which today is probably one of the finest most lofty expositions of the nature of God and Christ the most beautiful literature that has ever been written and I'm going to read it to bite like most early tonight here's another challenge to your paradigm our church service you know Paul wrote the slicker as an epistle now our vessel an epistle was written as a letter to be reined in a public assembly right to speech Paul was a cultured educated man in he understood the protocol and this is how this later we should be presented to do that tonight let me just give you some a bit of a background of the of commotion kawase glossy is a little town up in the mountains about 70 to 100 miles or kilometers up mountain of delicious value from Ephesus emphasis being a major center there was a metropolis consisting of three cities kawase Heliopolis and now the serum that area had a very interesting physical feature they were huge volcano that erupted hippie now an incredible landscape hoosick mean to bother you I've seen pictures and you be there be combined confirm what I'm telling you they were deep valleys vegetation and

they were these volcano can organic mountains rivers there was a runner came down over mother the meander a beautiful river that very unusual different because it would just disappear like a roommate even pull the river bowl and then appear five

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