24 January 2018 - Investors Hangout

ANDI Stock Live Analysis 01-24-2018

ANDI Stock Analysis (Andiamo Corp.) as of 01-24-2018. Today we take a look at the current stock price and stock chart for $ANDI. If you are interested in others ...

taking a look at stock ticker symbol a

and di so a and D IND over here is going to be placed by mr. chips 66 a position number 11 over here for the MVP stock contest on investors hang out calm was picked on Friday January 19th at 0 1 0 6 now at 0 1 3 so 0 1 3 up 22 percent off of that Friday's closed on January 19th with that being said there's gonna be some levels here that we need to watch for example the 0 1 to 0 you guys are currently at 0 1 to 4 I am looking at the 30-minute chart I do want to talk about the reasoning behind of what I'm watching for now you guys a 0 1 to 6 break of this one's gonna be a very strong break here especially for the short term as of right now with the 30-minute chart 0 1 3 0 on the short term is what we're going to be watching for this one to break you guys will have that momentum then to break through it at 0 1 4 0 if that does end up happening in my personal opinion however whose 0 1 to 0 will need to hold your next level of support off of that is going to be 0 1 1 0 and then 0 1 so if we jump over here it's in a daily let's put this whole thing together and that's what we're gonna come with here on January 19th it's gonna be the last time that

we've looked at this stock that's gonna be right here with that red line I said watch for the break of 0 1 and you guys got that break of 0 1 0 1 0 0 9 1 and that's gonna be right here ok so right there at the bottom of that green candle when we looked at this one live on January 19th I said watch for the break is 0 1 looks to be setting up again and not only did you guys get date you guys closed up there at the 0 1 0 6 so just broke through that 0 1 off that 0 0 9 one call and then you guys made your way up to that upper Bollinger Band now if history repeats itself you guys see what happens here you guys get out there comes back down that 10 day simple moving average you guys get that nice bounce here and it pulls back down and then you guys getting that bounce again 0 1 2 4 watch for the break of the 0 1 3 0 to confirm its way back up if not your next level is going to be at this 0 1 2 0 and your next that's gonna be your your next support level off of that 0 1 1 0 and then 0 1 those are gonna be your support resistance levels here again it does look like you guys got that bounce off they're now starting to go sideways the volume has dropped off a little bit

19.1 eight millions years being traded so far today off the beginning back here in December 15 2017 431 million cheers so that was a huge huge move for this one look I the chart looks awesome it looks awesome and congratulations did a few people over here on investors hanging out seen somebody say that they were up to $12,000 for every $100 that they invested this one in triple zero one and just held on to it for a very long time they said a very long time over a year they had it so and then they finally got it and off that triple zero one amazing for you amazing going from triples all the way up to multi pennies so right now this what we're gonna put in here January 24th zero one to four resistance zero one three zero zero one four zero the port 0 1 2 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 and then you're gonna have some under that I would assume around the 90 but we're going to keep zero one for now for a possible bounce off of I'm gonna put 0 1 2 0 to the 0 1 range okay that's not a huge range but that's gonna be tend a simple moving average again again if we look over here in the past it does it just continues to repeat itself doing

that coming up to that top and then coming back down to attend a simple moving average you guys got up to that top watch for that breaketh at 0 1 4 0 could break out again a break of 0 1 4 0 could break out again alright so we have a few things to watch for watch for that bounce watch for that breakout and that is what we're gonna say here for a MDI as always if you guys follow this stock check out the description for the a nd I stock message board you can join investor's hangout com it's completely free unlimited posts from messages unlimited posts and messages from user to user and unlimited stat stock data completely free again if you join investor's hangout com

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