22 January 2019 - Swamy Sai ravichandran




[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] and Alex me buddy bharanam true bargain auction some artists at broom kumbhamela poor a nun kropog at auction some artists of guru saw in autumn an election ibrahim department auction an antibody brahmanda now you garage or Diageo garage a problem such it on and the Samantha that guru Sai Natha Maharaja ki jai woven through a link I know McCormick charities I Barnum ago like million guy nama Gome ox est si bar by Yama lean guy into a wall mock says he's a barber i'ma go little in kind of a warm up CST sorry Bob I know go Yama link I know warm up to you and then in kind of walks STS I think I know below my chest is like my boy over go warm bottling going over warm up just inside my people are the other nodular should I know a warm-up charities I borrow more Oh jungling guide overwhelming charities I buy buying I'm going to bed early night I'm up I chose to use a bar by the way he's on getting kind of warm up just

inside my mind I'm warm no jealousy by you know my walk I'm sure yes do you say bye-bye jealousy if I were wine of a ball sarvam sivamayam in the alarm JM serve Rome sacked email any alarm jail circumstan him also Miami near large a circumcised Miami nilaam income jail I'm gonna bang boom boom boom Selvam and lamb tongue boom then our Krishna mahadeva lakshmi a no more nor mother mahadeva lakshmi a Salvatori lumber recovery so i email already poor Narita Liberty sharanam jje guru late Tony alarm guru Caramella guru come summer Poonam mata potami a guru guru a day even more sorry naka ni Macomb lakshmi narayan imma go say sorry Nana booboo go down but it doesn't see you ready well synonym ago Carlisle nama Gome Carla's Allah I know whom Carla's are put them in our item ago but in day I never go go it's a matter I never go then I'm on Billy appraiser I never go with remitted to the I never go on sale right on the wall somewhere else is on manga stop and I nama go weighing today is Rama nama Gome Funicello sabahi nama Gome Akshay is T Sai Baba number one move thick cover D Gotham City now in Shirdi

Sai Baba varam Malcolm Karanga Lee sin a male white Ozzy buddy Tommy Keenan D any enemy day underneath Acharya Mike modem character they got a criminal another comes up guru till overruling it calmly like come mini caramel a in alikoum saw him already una de through buddy shannon jj' would waited a long route careful um hello guru become samara Poonam adda golly poor delay anomaly nerdily horn and the money you're serious ain't annually coup de Tundra mean element will party say coude anomaly you luxurious TSI you're gonna call a Yahoo boom boom a level under lakshmi you akshay asylum it's the sternum save other colors than the MacKinnon Dean and Dean and he won't amok Shivaya Shivaya namah Shivaya Shivaya om namah Shivaya Shivaya [Music] Oh sigh namaha melody for the mojave [Applause] luxu I [Music] aha [Music]

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