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by Hannah horn she is the director of small business and public policy for the hilton head island bluffin Chamber of Commerce how are you today I'm great thank you another beautiful Chamber of Commerce day and it's hard to be the weather here doubt about it so the leadership class I was a member of it back in 2008 it's a great program they're about to unveil their class project so what can you tell us about it yeah so as part of the 10-month requirement a program requirement of this 10 month program is that you have to do a class project and this is by the class for the community they have to fundraise they have to come up with the idea every market at everything this class chose a unique a unique project in bluffton called follow the fiddlers and it's a it's half public art half education and so there are bronze fiddler crabs that are going to be a long calhoun street a lot like mice on main in in greenville but you're going to be able to walk along calhoun street see these fiddler crabs and learn about the ecology of the may river as well as the contribution of the fiddler crab so it's a unique project it's not a

structure per se or an education project like your class did back in two thousand eight but it kind of combines all of that all into ones we're really proud of this class we graduate 13 in a couple of weeks and this was that just the a beautiful legacy the zelda native idea is you don't think about the fiddler crab and the contribution that they have to the ecology part of the importance process it keeps our may river beautiful it is so so a bluffton centered project and we look forward to welcoming a new class the class of 2016 here in a couple of weeks right the leadership class is a dynamic part of our community and you're graduating the largest leadership class that you've had so we've been talking about our senior leadership class our adult leadership class but we did just graduate our largest junior leadership class and these are high school juniors that have spent also 10 months during their school year learning about our area many of them for the very first time or learning social and etiquette skills these are things that complement young people in our area outside of the classroom we're not teaching math and science but we're taught work we're

introducing them to the history of the area to soft skills to interacting with each other civic awareness and teamwork what a wonderful investment that we're putting into our young people in our future leaders and the teachers in our area tell us that that they see such a change in the the students who go through this program the parents tell us that they're a little bit more responsible they're learning time management it's life skills it's that there's not hot unfortunately Anna cool indeed and one of the things that the young people the feedback that they tell me is that for one of the few times they're actually interacting with young people because we have five high schools that are involved in this will have six this year with John Paul over in bluffton coming on board as a high school and we're just proud to be able to introduce these young people across the bridge as our chamber does for our business community but we're able to do that now for our young people right yeah it's a lot of fun I love these kids it's one of the favorite parts of my job that's fabulous well you're we also have a growing group of young professionals

what is a what are we doing with these young professionals in the business community well you bragged on charge Charles Fraser coming here and in his vision for sea pines he was a young professional when he came here with with his team imagine the young professionals and the gifts and the vision that they have to contribute this is a difficult place to meet people and to connect but our chamber does a great job of getting the word out about a location where once a month they can come and meet each other this isn't a bunch of young people partying it up this really truly is a networking friend based event it's free it's open to the public whether you're a chamber member or not we meet at different locations in Hilton Head & bluffton yes there's the clinking of some glasses going on ok we have long days to car in South Carolina do but here's the neat thing about about this is that these are entry and mid-level managers in our community and they're building their rolodexes they're making relationships which as you know is how business is done in South Carolina and I don't know about you guys but my boss looks at me all the time and says make

it happen and I love to hear that whenever these young people begin to know who the other ones are and say oh you know what I'm going to call such and such at this caterer or are this hospitality event a place or this location and I'm going to use them at where they're doing business with each other whether they're the CEO or not of that company and I'm just really proud to play a part and getting them together once a month last Wednesday of the month well networking down here is the key to success it really is and it's fun to see some of our out our children y'all are too young for all that we have kids that can come back and they had up until recently in the last 10 years really hadn't been much for them available for them and there is jobs available now so it's a lot of there it's just fun well your your beautiful daughter forest has gone through our junior leadership program and I look forward to welcoming her back after she gets out of college at wait for us to come back and be a part of our business community and get involved in that is working for me this summer okay well plugger it she might not come back

whatever your young professionals just came on our board que tu Cheney Wonder and it was meeting her at one of your a young professional for meetings that we went to marry Briggs and I and we brought her on a board don't forget that that makes my heart burns down yes sure sure sure with all the young talent and the new businesses and all of the growth that we have you have an exciting new business program so the Google partnership tell everybody how to get your business on the google map yes so in July we're going to be partnering with Google with an exciting initiative to make sure that our businesses are listed correctly and are able to be Google mapped whenever visitors come here we're a unique economy this is not a manufacturing economy where the there have been plants or facilities in place for 50 years well except of course Coligny there's a lot of manufacturing around here great drinks and sandwiches and all kinds of good stuff but but these are a lot of times new businesses that sprout up or their businesses that whenever 2.7 million visitors come here they get on their phones and they're like I need a spa I need a restaurant I

need this or that I need a golf course we're going to make sure that Google is listing you correctly and that your businesses are able to connect with Google so that visitors and spenders are able to connect with the theory doesn't go I do not understand Dennis we not an artist hey that's not good yeah yeah you got to play ball with Google it's you know it's the search engine that everybody's number one at YouTube is second actually so real quickly we only got a few seconds left the summer networking opportunities through the chamber business after hours is fantastic every every every month you guys do that so tell us a little bit about what's coming up this summer yes so mediterranean grill over in shelter cove we're going to be i'm having a networking event there it this is a great time to be able to connect with your business community and to shake hands and again form those relationships we have once then we have them once a month check out our chamber website hilton head bluffton chamber org and just come out and have a good time with us meet folks that you wouldn't meet outside of you know your children

going to school together or living in the same neighborhood or a member of that club or your golfing buddies and cross those lines and have some courage and get out there and meet folks that you can do business yet how i recommend that it's a good program say thanks for being with us yeah and stay with us with web more 843 TV

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