19 September 2018 - Complex Ambition

6LACK - East Atlanta Love Letter ft. Future (Official Music Video) REACTION REVIEW

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they go on let me for my yam bitch [Music] dude over music Reina pitches it be my bitch title track isolate a love letter [Music] featuring future uh very interesting uh interesting right down let's see what the dynamic goes check out Hendrix reaction we did that RBIs [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] [Music] everything [Music] [Music] you say learn a love letter my god perfection is finance these vocalists oh man this is this is different this from a quality pure quality this is that Sonos music you know you know what it is man it's like every time they take a pause it became a moment you know I'm saying like sometimes you know the music and the literature back-to-back yeah the anything is breathing something yeah they even think it's breathing time mr. breezy but it's very I feel like it was very essential just visualizing you

start getting your minds that living through it the guys saw my song I saw myself walking into school is stopping you can't stop with so stop taking it there you know the masseuse tables when you just lay down I'm sorry I just thought man you probably you felt like there the person is it happens using these in sexual music they don't bust a couple nuts to this what we're not acting like we're not acting rub-and-tug the rubbing okay we got to put your face your name hi figure with your cousin when I came into fucking cards you know that's that sure there this ain't no club music this that might get rubbed a dick a tug a dick music and busting I know face I don't know oh my god I'm sorry I'm sorry black don't show your daughter this video it's not I'm sorry black this is the video made to take of this bar but you ready ready eunuch known ago the way I picture this was a very you know melancholic alert respective song I want to think about my life a little bit I don't want any a rub-and-tug what am i a dog animal can you do what you do

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