25 November 2018 - EBS BRAVO

6ix9ine (WAKA ft A BOOGIE) ( dummy boy)

as my tactic we pull up our yeah put the

bomb to the Stratos make a nigga cough up your bum and you Stratus and that's why you lost aa matter nigga from the addict niggas need the bosses ego e you will be but this ain't no birth of my son some repeat that's what's up yo word up I was down with the he walk around burner pushing Jaco wasn't anything like Timmy Turner [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] damn Joe Besser only times he ever I don't even check my call log I don't ask about his bitch trying to blame me you crazy old lady person taught me to pray please like he pray Harper in on this daily can you save me baby crazy like super great I'm a swerve in the make them do some demos nigga sit the fuck down the fuel and understanding is talk about the cut-ups windows down in the fucking land [Music] learning [Music]

[Music] viscid markets that come for new songs today

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