04 August 2013 - Naturally Curious

||49.|| Twisted In Knots Side Bun "Natural Hair"

WATCH IN HD :) Hey guys! This is a really easy bun style that's a cute way to keep your hair off your neck in the summer heat. I call it the Twisted in Knots Side ...

here's another easy bun style that's a

cute way to keep your hair off your neck in the summer eat I call it the twisted and not side bunny here's how it's done as I style alike spritz of water makes my hair more pliable and easier to work with to make each twist in the knot button really stand out it's best to be liberal with a light oil to add Sheen you'll need a tail comb to make your primary part be and a brush to help smooth back your edges but this is optional to secure the style you'll need to upsize hair ties and an assortment of bobby pins now quick efficient I started with a really operator that was super dirty but I had one more workday before a wash day and I really needed to do something with this mop top I start off with a defined part then I just continue finger parting from top to bottom at a slight angle like this but don't worry your parts don't have to be straight I clip the smaller section out of the way and then lightly spritz the larger section with water this is totally optional but I also added a bit of gel before brushing down my edges for smoother look huge then I secured that section in a side ponytail face to my ear I repeat this prepping

process on the other side and then I also secure this ponytail to the side as close to the first one as possible this is how it should look I then add some oils to each ponytail for extra Sheen working with the larger section firms I separate a small piece then I start to twist it I then bring that twist to the back over the base of the ponytail then wrap it under the base of the opposite ponytail before securing it with a bobby pin I then separate a small piece from the opposite ponytail and like before I twist it over and then under the basically opposite hand tail before pinning in place I repeat this twisting process alternating from ponytail to ponytail until I run out of hair as you continue to twist and pin an asymmetrical figure eight knot bunch and start to take shape and here's the finished look not to hesitate oh we can't wait to be

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