14 November 2015 - Ly Long PHAN

314 LK APOPO and HeroRats HD

Cuối tuần mời bà con bạn bè xem hình ảnh và hoạt động của Trung tâm huấn luyện chuột APOPO tận dụng khứu giác thiên phú của loài chuột Phi châu nầy...


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Oh [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] Oh you Oh [Music] Oh Oh [Music] Oh [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] you you you meet again be pouched rat he's also been dubbed a hero red because these guys are being groomed to save lives they're almost blind but have a keen sense of smell so they've been trained to sniff out land mines they can also be trained to diagnose tuberculosis through smell much more quickly and accurately than human lab technicians can with a microscope I'm

here in a mine field and rural Angola a country decimated by three decades of civil war normally landmine detection is painstakingly slow it's done with metal detectors that constantly sound false alarms from scraps of metal like empty bullet casings or nails each time the earth must be carefully brushed away but rats can scramble through the minefield and they respond only to the scent of explosives in two hours they can clear a land that would take a human days to clear the rats already clear maybe 400 square feet in just a few minutes and it works for bananas the rats themselves are too light to set off the land mines I think the red is maybe detected something if he makes its TNT he'll scratch the ground for a little bit that area will be marked for further investigation that's the signal ah Fredo adamo is a field supervisor here and he knows firsthand the toll of landmines his grandfather lost a leg to a mine there are areas now that the schools and there are houses and there are farms were whacked and when I passed by and he still these things I've been proud and now farmers have access to land there was once too treacherous to

farm hero rats reflect a revolution in humanitarian aid organizations are applying new approaches to old problems hugely amplifying their impact so Bravo to the innovators and to these giant rats saving human lives

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