23 April 2016 - Kevin Throckmorton

2016 FLL Boa Constructors Strategy

FIRST LEGO League, Team #7507 Boa Constructors from Union, West Virginia explains their strategy of how they want the autonomous robot to travel across ...

we use this map called arc moxtra it is

a team collaboration app you can send files try a sign to do list and the Sun meetings too we like this app because even if you're not actually they with the meeting you can still participate and give ideas last year we had pen and paper but this year we went digital we've made sticky notes that put that we put on every mission and put and then we put like how much points it was after that we put like what you gotta do like push the compost question push up weird and then we did pull like bone this hot salvage the factory must be back and then we did drop like dropping off these methane's into the truck and the factory after that we did pick up like pick up this methane's from here or like sweets so what we did for a structure decision-making we came up with water on it is which is a whole whiteboard in this case and had criteria such as time points to teach it touch and junk penalties and distance traveled and then we pick the best alternative that kind of balances out each form our strategy was to create our board into flies what that means is we have half of the board and this half board could be two flows then the other

those could be this section in this section and the reason we did that was to say time and so we could get more points so our first flow consists of us coming out of base with this blue line we come out of base we pull the ring on the factory to jack the the toys we come back we come back out drop a attachment into the truck where the methane goes and push along the guide rail to grab the crate and we bring it back to base our second club is this green line you see here what we do is we come out backwards and line square then we still come backwards until we see a distance from this wall then we come forward and Lance play again then go backwards hit the compost come up here while square again go over here drop the method drop the motor into the car grab the two methane's grab the toy come back here pick up the compost that was ejected grab the bag and turtle and come back to base Arthur flow consists of the red line we're coming out with arms where we go up here and we drink the Obama would drop the methyl and grab the past plastic bag with the teeter-totter system when we come back down here we get the salvage and drop the demo we

come back up and get the back Barry toy those who jected info on and come back to base our fourth and final flow we start a base with the truck in the bin that was gotten that was brought back in the first flow so we come out there here drop the animals in this circle then freely strand our robot out our favorite flow is flow to the very one because we get 351 points and 38 seconds we with only our bumper you get the plastic bag any animal in the toy we all set the context yes in the compost look just our bumper and with one dog gear attachment we can drop the motor in the pair scrap bar and grab the methane back to base this one really does the turn what happens in the next two flows because inflow three for example we need the methane to drop it of a factory and for example for we need the methane to put it in the truck to stranded out to get past the use of the preference

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