28 June 2016 - Joelle


16SUMMER EP 1 : SENIOR WEEK @ DARTMOUTH 6.6.16. - 6.13.16 starting up my summer log seriesss with a week at school actually! but sans classes B-) ...

hey guys it's Joe well and I'm

officially done with my freshman year of college having taken my last exam yesterday there's actually a few complications in terms of like my final projects for other classes that are being finished till August but effectively my year here at Dartmouth is complete and this last week I'm here actually staying till graduation for wink without classes they call it senior week which is based on just like a week of fun times hanging out with the seniors so I decided I'd vlog this last week I have of my freshman year with a lot of people that I got really close to this here so you're coming with me it's like 12 on Monday not on Tuesday we are here packing everything up both my roommates are gone which is really sad and then we got to move into interim housing which is at a different part of campus you and Annalise r ug fam- like everyone everyone yeah and this is Simone's first time and she is just she got inspect look at that power pose a distressful I know there's so many flavors oh hey Simone how does it feel your first ice cream for you yeah the blue just like it looked like it it looks like something for like monsters

inc or something okay or you can leave by okay hi the super-sized they have spoken all day but it's been a very chill day I'm not doing a while actually i did wake up early see Micah I woke up and I didn't work because i still have an animation project so i'm not officially done with this term yet but i also had a doctor's appointment to get some shots there's an award ceremony for our friends now we are here what'd he do this video and jeff 201 Oh I'm sad it's like gray out today but anyways I spent most of this morning editing videos I upload something I'm so excited and just doing some things on the computer that i need to do not for school but just like for life the thing diego of you Stefan is driving us I don't think I families if you really go home video is so is it is it really that's one word for it it is Friday morning we're here at sushiya lity young and we have we got some brunch it's like a really weird brunch I don't know this is not this is not typical I almost did it was just so

long as take it out is saturday jun 11 my mom's birthday whoo but not home to celebrate with her which is sad for Peter in the computer lab because guess what I was doing homework all day yay summer and now this evening it's okay i'm finishing up cards for seniors that are graduating cuz graduation is tomorrow which is crazy Peter's graduating tomorrow sorry you probably only reminded that also dance-related is that you tema when my other dance give just got our jackets which is super exciting they're like these red windbreaker jackets which is nice because it's super rainy out and on the backs they say our name my name is Fink's with an SF because I'm from San Francisco hahahaha and one far she didn't go to look like up 17 what you get you to log this is a secret hey guys sorry for not talking all day today but it is Sunday and they was graduation for the class of 2016 google it super early BF could see in to save seats and there's a really fun day of celebrating and also just sort of being sad that everyone's leaving yeah now it is late

Mike and I have been packing up our room cuz we're living up to we're leaving tomorrow I think before that we'll have one last night with our friends here shove this on yeah Oh Oh

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