03 September 2013 - Majesticdanes

100% European Great Dane Puppies. Sashas Litter 2013 6 weeks old

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girl he's got something hanging from his

mouth you got a piece of fuzz or something like this one you're goofy you goofy when'd you guys find over there huh is to take in the toy did he do that hi puppy breath pop-ups are you taking nappies you found a toy get it get it Shh need it no that can't hear you or look escapee oh oh are you there like that's a good idea glad I thought of it Oh crash whoa cover your movie Oh puppy nails puppy nails now he's gonna want to get his kisses now too yep there he is Oh puppy kisses only virtual kiss things their tongues yeah that's kind of name of the game come on papa we're chick you in ah that would be called yee-hoo he's not peeing he was sitting oh yeah where you peony was sitting you're this way see if he'll follow it he's I don't even see it you're not showing it to me does this one have a squeaker yeah oh sorry too close too close Oh nap time nappy nappy time

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