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10 Expectations for WWDC 18

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hello everyone and welcome to this video

this video is going to be a little different from what I usually do but it's because soon enough WWDC 2019 is happening and Apple is gonna nail all the new stuff that we are gonna expect to receive this year so that's why this time I wanted to record this video to give you my expectations for this year and that's the thing my expectations are not too high I'm gonna give my opinions and what I expect what I would like to have but what we are probably not gonna receive I'm not following too much the rumors so then expect is to be a list of rumors for for this year but it's more about what I think apples will do and she'll give us and the first thing is a cheaper iCloud it's insane that in 2018 were having these prices for remote storage I pay because I really like iCloud photo library and I have the ready like 200 gigabytes full of photos and videos because I record a lot of things the issue is that the next step on the tier it's basically two terabytes for 10 pounds 10 euros whatever you use but there is no middle gap is like or you go to 200-300 writes directly to two terabytes which obviously 2 terabyte is goodies it's

good enough but that's that gap is too big and I think I poor sure thing the prices but again I'm not sure it's gonna happen because for what like their business is basically now centered into services and they are not going to reduce the can't they get from there talking about high cloud and now more into developer focus which is what I expect this video is gonna be more focused on is I want iCloud functions it's just like come on like Swift can running a server why Apple doesn't give us I plot functions like any other back-end as a service provider like you can do it an azure you can do it on Amazon you can do it everywhere but of course then making sweet because every button like that is now done in no two years which has good for what Uber's but Apple should give more focus to Swift and they have a chance to do it on the server side and they should be able to provide us this to us imagine that now we can write all our back and functions in Swift and managed by Apple in there but in the services yes it's not perfect nobody not everybody's gonna use that because obviously it's only for upload platforms but the thing it will

be a huge step not for the developers much but to give a name to Swift in the wagon next thing it's faster automatic applauds idos I don't know many versions ago they introduced on the app on the App Store this way to automatically update the apps to the last version and it's really good it's amazing in my personal experience we basically have almost 90 something percent of users in the last two versions pink around the 60 something percent in the last version and that's amazing you know because it means that we can't a lot of new features and be sure that people is gonna read them but even if these numbers are really good I will really love to get all these new versions of the app with all these features faster to our customers so I think that Apple could do something around that and I don't think that we have been waiting for ages a steam of there is a custom Apple watch faces we all want to write a custom watch face for or watch that will create a new huge wave of apps for the upper watch a platform that it's been stagnated since the beginning it has the SDKs are more

limited than they show hot by now I accept that in the beginning it was harder to make to take out all the performance from those hard work but right now like they are super powerful and even if even if they don't want to open everything as in adding the phone like with all that custom UI kit I don't know about like the API to create watch faces something that everyone is expecting for ages this is the well being that's an interesting one because google just announced all the digital world being stuff where you can have full customization about the notifications which helps you at which time they even have a dashboard so you see how much time you spend on the phone and you should feel bad about that so they they want you to stop using their phone which comes a little against what Google's say so it's super surprising that Google did that before Apple and that's something they should be ashamed of like they should go out this WC and say no we are here to make people life better and they should focus on that to be honest I don't expect it for me personally because I know how many issue with that I've never

had an itch I just drop the phone I don't care either I have the phone basically all day forever in mute so I don't even hear anything I just I just feel it vibrate and then early in the evening it already goes into not the store phone I don't care about people sends me until next day the icon is something that everybody wants but I would like to have but as a developer I don't please stop that mode that mode it's one of these things that everybody would like so far Shawna I'm the first one because bright lights really hurt my eyes so I really prefer like dark dark you ice the issues that you like it is already a big beast adding that UI to it I'm sure they will they will come up with a great API but with all the ballast they already have called wise in that in that framework I'm really worried about how will affect all the apps and all the developers for the next few months my next thing I would like to have a new SDK is a new framework on iOS it finally they should show us why they both workflow that application that was like Automator for iOS but way better they should show us why they bought that because they have been keeping updating

the app but we want that workflow team to be integrated with the with the whole platform and redefine what the workflows and the productivity apps can do in iOS I think that needs to be a huge step for working into the iOS platform into communication between apps like all these kind of things sure extensions and all the new extensions API but we still me is a universal way of doing everything in an easy way but as you can see I'm not expecting too much stuff from the users perspective yeah maybe like slightly improvement on design wise on the UI interface of iOS 12 with like the new Mac OS make it nicer together yeah whatever but I don't really expect much from them because for me the platform is already mature enough like they have everything I need for my day-to-day and of course they will come up with new things that I didn't expect and I would like them but it's not one of my main expectations in my case what I want is them to focus about give us things for developers things that actually changes or day-to-day work so what I don't want especially and that's something I will really I will be release at it trade

with the land and the one on us lemon again I juice 11 has been one of the worst releases at least in my opinion in terms of bugs new API should be introduced to deal with the knotch that even if the new API is are great like dealing with them in a rhythm but evil way it has been a mess I'm not the only one that has suffered through these four months another we are back in a stable place in our apps but it's not about the notch it's like the hole is 11 has been really bugging things that were before crashes the we didn't have before I mean I'm really happy all the stability of the app I work on but still we have seen a lot of things and I always learned that I don't want to repeat I want to go to this winter and know that I are stuff that I'm waiting for people to it is that but I want people to pay to hire stuff in this case we were actually expecting people to just forget a little the word iPhone X and I don't know I want them to focus on developers and yes I know the last year they released a Archy eat the enough rain work which is great things for the platform people have been doing great things with it but

those things are just useful for apps and developers that focus on those parts of the ecosystem it doesn't help the past majority of us so what I want from this year is that they focus on things that actually affect all of us improvements in the tuning faster compilation times they have been talking about this new marzipan framework that it's gonna be well it depends in the day some days it's gonna be just a cross-platform framework order this is gonna be a declarative UI framework I don't know whatever I already said that for me I will love to see Apple released a new multi-platform layer that sits on top of UI kit and an app kit and on top of that make a decorative framework likely act or even flutter that's that's the way people wants to build you eyes nowadays and Apple is staying behind a good API she'll provide the two levels of the structure like the high level like with is declarative fbi's but this people shouldn't think that we need to stop writing code in an imperative way like we do in UI kit for specific things like performance sensitive things or even some kinds of trick animations I'm perfectly fine going down the level and

start working with the with a pattern proof API that we have on when you like it but for the vast majority of things declarative UI framework will be my well I will go and be the most happy lover in the world if they if they announce something like that once they have that they can add things like hot reloading super easily and they and they have a better way of dealing with multi-platform stuff I don't think they are gonna do it this year because some people have been saying they they are working on it maybe but it's something they are prototyping and for me another big thing that Apple needs to think about is how to integrate better all the stuff on Universal beings and push notifications deep linking all the stuff they have given us already years ago but if you read my post about the Google i/o they announced that about the they basically made storyboards for Android but this is Tollywood 400 I a huge improvement they have a way to define the deep links in there they create the back stack for them it's great and finally Swift the thing about silk is that because it's open

source we already know everything is gonna come that's a bad part about it like we are not gonna be surprised because we already know what the next version is gonna have a lot of things come from the community itself which is great so that's it I don't think that we're gonna get much stuff overseas that's pretty much it as you can see I know how many expectations for for iOS to ophea we hope that for this new release with the new wax cold and new and it was the case they bring us us to the level of productivity and nice modern things that other platforms has and that's it for today thanks for watching this video and don't forget to Like and subscribe if you want to receive more you

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